Saturday, October 15, 2016

She's Three Years Old

Our little girl celebrated her third birthday. It was full of wonderful moments of joy and big surprises.

First thing she got dressed up as a princess.

Then she insisted on a picture with her big brother to share her excitement.

The first gift was also from big brother who decorated the outside of the box himself.

It is a wohnmobile just like what Granny and Grandpa live in!

Later that day, she got to see her big gift: a massive doll house. The Mr. and I gave her the doll house and then the families got together to gift her all the furniture inside. She was so excited and as the day went on and more rooms filled up, she got even more excited. 

Before the party started, we got to skype with Oma and Opa. Again I was reminded of how grateful I am for technology that helps us remain connected.

For her birthday she requested a purple cake with hearts. Mommy delivered!

Our Colorado based family came for the party. We grilled meats and had homemade mac'n'cheese upon request and some fruits and salads. Even a dear friend of mine from college who just moved to Denver joined us!

It was a wonderful day. And now we have a three year old in our family again.

I'm still so thankful for this little one. What a wonderful addition to our family and our home. Thanks for choosing me as your mommy!


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MrsJ said...

:) BIG smiles!!!! So much happiness to enjoy and moments to be thankful for <3

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