Wednesday, October 12, 2016

First Two Weeks in Denver

Wow - another blog post that was never published. International relocation is more time consuming that I could imagine! Enjoy, with very short picture descriptions.

The first morning there was SNOW. It was awesome. 

While staying with my brother and sister in law, we took a walk and the Mr. showed PJ how to throw a football. 

The first weekend we were in town, we went over to Red Rocks. Gorgeous. Gorgeous. Gorgeous.

We enjoyed the grown-up company with grown-up beverages.

The kids enjoyed the goofying around and loud fun with Uncle Frannie and Ike (the wonder dog!)

Within two days, Bean had already learned the most important aspects to being Uncle Frannie: settle into the couch; cell phone close in hand; hands behind the head; and chill.

Ike wasn't always totally excited about the noise. Little guy seemed to often to say, "THIS, again?!?"


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