Friday, May 29, 2015

Lego Love

This week is another round of school holiday and I'm on duty. It has been a stressful year for the Steinbachs, so we have consciously chosen not to take a trip or plan activities each day. Instead, the kids and I have been crafting and relaxing, taking walks and long naps, spending unplanned time with friends. 

With all this extra time the kids have also upped their Lego skills. Both really enjoy playing with Duplo Legos. PJ builds and creates and Jelly Bean tends to sort, store, and applaud her big brothers creators, when she isn't trying to destroy them. 

With extra time and space, PJ has started to build Legos that "show" (represent) objects and people are him. I won't go into the psychology of what he and how he chooses, the shapes, the colors, the description - we are taking it easy around here - instead I'll brag about how cool his creations have become. 

This is me as a Star Wars ship. He also took the picture. 

This is his "biggest treasure" Jelly Bean as a Lego "masterwork" (his descriptions).

That's Bean on the right storing the good Legos into her Minnie Mouse bag.

It doesn't always feel right to cut down, reduce, simplify, go slower, do less, say no, get bored. Until the choice is done and the boredom sets in. Then these things happen: creativity, sleep, laughter, memories. 

I'll just say it for you: I look good as a Star Wars ship, don't you think? 


Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Sunday 3 Generations of Steinbachs

Three generations of Steinbach ladies. 


Sunday, May 17, 2015

Papa Day 2015

Today is papa day in germany. 

Papa got to sleep in. The kids got to chose their outfits. It kills me when they insist on wearing their matching jackets in that my-kids-are-so-fab way.

Always the pink boots! 

And check out that brand new Jake shirt. 

Together we walked to get the Mr. His favorite morning breads. Afterwards silliness ensued. 

The silliness was wonderfully loud. 

And adorably sweet. 

Then it was quiet just a little too long :) 

Happy Papa Day to all you role models out there showing the next generation how to be excellent men and women, partners, parents, friends, and hopefully peace makers. You are needed. You are important. 


Thursday, May 7, 2015

Family Wedding Fun

A couple of months ago the Mr's brother married one very lovely lady. We had some serious wedding fun. The bride and groom haven't shared wedding pictures online, so I'm not going to be doing that for them. Also, the vast majority of pictures on our camera were ruined: blurry, grainy, and with a surprising number of fingers across them.

Nevertheless, here are some fun peeks into our lovely day together.

Before the wedding, the kids and I were goofing around in our way-too-small hotel bed. I love these pictures. I hope this is what they remember: their silly mommy being silly with them.

First up was the actual wedding ceremony. PJ was so excited about it that he crashed out and slept through it all.

Jelly Bean was not impressed, so we had to leave the ceremony room. I missed the chance to tear up at the sweetness of two good people swearing fidelity to each other.

As soon as the ceremony was over, PJ woke up and resumed his role as The Boss.

It was juice. 

Jelly Bean remained the explorer. Here she had located jewelry that was worth more than our home.

Dangerous sense of taste.
While the adults were drinking juice (and champagne), the kids convinced Oma to ride the glass elevator with them. Many, many times. So many times that even Opa got into the fun.

But is it ever enough?
Outside, we took pictures, chased birds, and Jelly Bean tried to dart off in each and every direction. Then we moved to the restaurant for a wonderful, wonderful meal.

PJ focused on goofing around.  

Jelly Bean focused on food. 

It was a lovely wedding with good people. Granny also got to join the fun but sadly all the pictures with her aren't share-able based on what is technically called "shit" quality. She took a picture or two of me -- and I looked FABULOUS - but they didn't turn out either. 

You'll have to just do with a picture of these three.
That is one handsome hubby.
What a hard life, eh?


Saturday, May 2, 2015

Italy with Granny

While my mom was here, we all headed to Italy for a few days. The five hour ride down went remarkably well. Most likely because Granny was non-stop entertainment in the backseat and there was tons of food.

When we got there, the fun just kept going. They goofed around a lot on the floor which was especially remarkable because the tile floor was freezing.

When we got too cold, we turned to board games of all sorta of types and sizes. And complexity. And spontaneously revolving rules.

Jelly Bean tended to focus on slippers to keep her feet warm. Can anyone be more adorable?

Thankfully we all also had the Mr.'s almost constant cooking to warm us up.

Although it rained most of our time there, we took advantage of the one nice day. We got out of the house and into the beautiful little villages at the bottom of the hill and along the lakeshore.

Of course, ice cream and other sweets were included! 

We also took a little field trip to this place. This beautiful, glorious place.

Afterwards we all took a walk....

Like Granny, like grandbaby. 
...and a massive, massive nap. 

Only now, more than two months later, reviewing these pictures, did I realize the gift my mother left behind. Pictures of the entire Steinbach clan. Pictures of small moments of parenting usually missed. THANK YOU for those beautiful pictures, Mom. Thank you.

Two pictures of all four of the Steinbach clan! Amazing.

Thank you mom.


Friday, May 1, 2015

Spargellauf 2015

The Steinbachs ran the local Spargellauf again this year. I ran the 5km and the Mr. and PJ ran the kids 500meter. The weather wasn't fabulous but warm enough for an enjoyable morning of activity.

Can you find them? PJ is in orange shorts and black shirts.

They held hands all the way to the finish line.

All the way to the finish line.

PJ and his medal - that was one proud finisher!

My family did a great job of cheering me on.

I finished a little bit slower this year AND I was healthy enough to finish!

Healthy family. Healthy.
Here's to a faster race next year!

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