Monday, September 29, 2014

Boating Fun with Grannie and Grampie

Even before we flew off to Ohio, PJ told me that he was going to go "fishing with Grampie." He was pretty insistent about it. So weeks in advance I warned Grampie that he was going fishing. Of course, Grandpa was all about it.

Then just days before we flew, PJ threw another detail in: he was going fishing with Grampie on a boat. 

Yeah, my parents don't have a boat. So I called them again, giving them a heads-up. "I'll get it taken care of," was Grandpa's response.

And he totally did. Not only did he arrange a boat for us all but PJ also got to drive the boat. Seriously. Picture proof:

Not to be left out, Jelly Bean got into the fun. Though at this point, she was more interested in opening and closing the glove department.

Once the excitement of the boat started to settle, Grandpie pulled out another surprise: a Spider-Man fishing rod.

It was such a relaxed day. We even found time for a full family picture.

After the full of the boat slowed down, we walked over to a picnic table for a lunch. At that point, our little girl still needed help walking around. It was also the time of her picking up sticks to carry around with her.

Grandpie put together a lovely grill for hotdogs and we all dug in.

And somehow, I'm not sure how (cough: the Mr.), Jelly Bean got soaking, soaking, soaking wet. She was soooo happy.

It was a fabulous day! Thanks Grampie and Grannie!


Sunday, September 28, 2014

Driveway Fun in Detroit City

Yes, yes, these posts are totally out of order. Enjoy!

Our last stop on our USA trip 2014, was a few restful days in Detroit. Sadly my dear friend and her daughter Sweetheart were not in the country, so we missed them. But we did not miss having a lot of fun on all of Sweetheart's toys.

Both of my kiddos had an especially great time in the American-sized driveway. When we first arrived in the States, Jelly Bean was too small to jump into the play too much. Just six weeks later she was right in the middle of it all.

First the kids played on different toys. Jelly Bean on the traditional move-it-yourself car and PJ on the motorized car. 

But quickly PJ invited Jelly Bean to get in the car with him. She was T.H.R.I.L.L.E.D.

PJ was fabulous with the responsibility, even letting her steer a little bit and reaching around her carefully to 'switch gears'. Jelly Bean just squealed with joy.

At some point PJ wanted to go faster and Jelly Bean wanted to move. So while PJ whipped around the driveway in the car, Jelly Bean ran around pushing an empty toy stroller in front of her.

It was loud. It was fun. It was sweet. It was wonderful.


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Super Sweetheart Back in Town

Yup, I found another blog post that I started months and month ago but didn't finish. Two kids = more adventures and much slower pace of blog posts.

Anywho...super sweetheart was back in town at the start of the summer. As usual, PJ was over the moon to spend time with her, even speaking English to her because (although she speaks English and German) she insisted. I was super happy about that one!

Her mom was working while they were in town, so I got one full day of experiencing twins. All day. God bless twin mommies ', the kids had a BLAST...and I survived.

First we went to the local playground and the kids owned it.

Then, after an absolute fail at nap time, the kiddos played in our backyard. It was really hot so they started first as princess/superheros with blankets as costumes. Then they thankfully moved to swimming.

After swimming we sat down and read a ton of books together; completed bunches of puzzles; and built some lego towers and castles ... and just generally destroyed the house together.

And although Jelly Bean was only 7 or so month old at the time, she stayed awake all morning and all afternoon. Until I could finally trick her into sleep in the ErgoCarrier (best thing ever!!).

When she woke up more than two hours later, she was kinda upset and super confused that she'd missed even a few minutes of fun.

Super Sweetheart ran PJ so hard that I caught him drinking a liter of milk. No joke. A liter of milk.

Here's to Super Sweetheart and her mom returning soon and often!


Sunday, September 21, 2014

Color Run 2014

Months and months ago I finished the Color Run. It was a total blast!

I ran with a colleague who took his phone along and grabbed some pictures. First at the starting line:

Then in the fields during the race:

Seriously, he is really good people.

Afterwards, I got a quick picture with some friends who also did the race.

And, finally, the ever-elusive family photo!

It was a fun race and I hope we can ALL do it next year too!


Saturday, September 20, 2014

First Homegrown Tomato

Last year we tried to grow some tomato plants. We failed. This year the plants were super successful but we failed to get any red tomatoes before we took off for our summer trip. 

So before we took off for Germany, we ate two tiny green ones instead. PJ was so proud of his little tomato. 

It didn't taste all that great but he shared it with me and Jelly Bean. 

Here's to next year! May the plants survive and may we eat a red tomato.


Monday, September 15, 2014

A Musical Family

We sure are becoming a musical family. PJ has an actual guitar thanks to uncle B and my little sister. 

He plays "coldplay, Metallica, and the wheels on that bus" according to his manager (himself). 

And our little girl plays "oooooo" on the front and a mean drum line on the back of her wii guitar. 

Kids. Awesome. 

But it may be getting into someone's head...


Friday, September 12, 2014

Firemen PJ and Jelly Bean

There are a number of benefits to visiting small town America. One of them has to be a spontaneous and extremely hands-on visit to the local fire department.

We just showed up and rang the bell. In response a fireman drove a fire truck out and proceeded to let my kids climb all over it. All of it. And push all the buttons they wanted to. All the buttons.

My little firefighters! 


Thursday, September 11, 2014

Jelly Bean: Eleven Months

My baby is 11 moths old today! Just about a week ago she finally decided that she could walk all by herself. Her first steps were at nine months and at 10 months she was walk-me-around-with-your-finger-demanding little monster. Thank goodness we have been in the US staying with my family and friends because the walking supports have been numerous and willing (especially grandpa).

She now has six teeth, has grown out of all the clothes we borrowed for her just six weeks ago, has mastered "bye bye!", and has already started conquering playgrounds. 

She walked this entire distance. No big deal. 

And- of course - she is healthy. So healthy. 

Happy 11 months little lady. 

And with hugs for all those that this day is not a joyful day, missing someone they loved and dramatically lost in 2001. And with thoughts for the rest of us that lost a treasured illusion all those years ago.

And wishing for peace for this young generation in all parts of the world. 

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