Saturday, January 25, 2014

Computer viruses, malware, oh-my!

Our house has been infected with all sorts of computer viruses and Malware. Oh, and did I mention that at the same time the hard drive on our entertainment center bit the big one? And my cell phone charger gave up as well? 

All in the same two week period. It's been a bit of an adventure. The Mr. has had the lion's share of the work, cleaning and repairing our machines. 

Thankfully he had the very capable assistance of a Ms. Jelly Bean. 

Keeping it real, keeping it chill, getting it done. 

And looking absolutely adore at the same time. 


Saturday, January 11, 2014

Jelly Bean: 3 Months!

Happy three months to my little girl. She is such a joy. 

Or maybe she's got something planned? 

Maybe a massive nap?


Friday, January 10, 2014

New Years Eve 2013

Happy (rather belated) New Year 2014!

Lets be frank, 2013 was not my year. It ended up more than wonderful with the healthy arrival of Jelly Bean into our family. But it wasn't a lovely year. I'm pretty sure that a pie chart of how I spent my time would have the three largest slices would be in order:
1. laying down (and feeling icky)
2. sitting around (and feeling icky)
3. on my knees (and puking).

So, yeah, 2013 wasn't my year.

But 2013 is over and 2014 as already started in an awesome way.

My kiddos acting silly together. These moments are too damn precious.
My brother and his soon-to-be celebrated with us. We started out watching Dinner for One, a bizarre German tradition.
Watching the movie

Snapshot of the movie
Then we enjoyed raclette together. It was both of Uncle Frannie's and Aunt Kiwi's first time eating raclette and I hope that they both enjoyed it. I did - so much that I forgot to snag a picture.

Then, since our visitors were heading into Heidelberg and PJ has started to sleep through the night, we all headed out to set off some fireworks.

Correct footwear is very important.
Unfortunately PJ grabbed onto the wrong end of a sparkler before we went outside and burnt his finger, so he wasn't really all that into the fireworks this year (a big change from the last few years). Good thing Aunt Kiwi helped make some other noises:

And the men, as usual, went a little crazy with the fireworks. Because, well, why not?

Afterwards, it was already bedtime for our little man (Jelly Bean was already asleep in her little Ergo), and Uncle and Aunt headed into Heidelberg for some adventures. Thankfully a neighbor came by and took a picture of us all.

Good looking group of good people, eh?
The Mr. and I struggled to stay away until midnight - I made him start watching Say Anything - but in the end, gave in and toasted in bed, and then went to sleep. That's what I call winning ;)


Monday, January 6, 2014

Christmas Market Fun 2013

With Aunt Kiwi and Uncle Frannie in town, we were inspired to hit a few more Christmas markets. We went to Heidelberg (of course), the one in our small town (of course), and Karlsruhe (new for us all).

Since our largest car sits five, we took the train over to Karlsruhe. It was PJ's first train trip this year and he was super excited. It also helped that my brother taught him what a "noogie" is to help pass the time:

Uncle Frannie teaching it...

...PJ learning it.

In Karlsruhe, we had to first find the Christmas market. While waiting for the street car, Aunt Kiwi and Jelly Bean got in a good cuddle.

The Karlsruhe Christmas market was nice. There were the usual stands for sausages, glühwein, trinkets, and sweets. But there was also: SANTA CLAUS! It was a surprise for us all to see him there, just sitting around, welcoming kids into his sled. PJ was excited to say hello and even let us grab a few pictures.

Both Jelly Bean and PJ's first time visiting with Santa

Then, as the sky darkened, Santa Claus came again. This time in a flying sled!

PJ was super excited. He could hardly turn away from the spectacle. Santa Claus and his sled!

And then it was already time to go home. Aunt Kiwi and I took the kids home on the train while the boys went out for a schnapps-filled adventure with the Mr's friends. Wish I had some pictures of that...


Sunday, January 5, 2014

Christmas 2013

Our first Christmas as a family of four has come and gone. As usual, we started at my parents-in-law house. Christmas is celebrated in Germany on the 24th; so we spend that day with German family. Then on the 25th we have American Christmas with our family.

German Christmas
We headed over to my husband's family's house at some point in the afternoon. There we shared a wonderful, multi-course meal. Afterwards we posed for pictures and opened gifts.

Pickles and Onions
The two pickles!
The entire Christmas Eve group

Lets be honest, gift giving is more fun when kids are involved. The surprise and excitement that little kids bring to the party is unique and so much better than us jaded adults. PJ was, of course, no exception. First PJ got a huge tractor from his aunt and uncle.

Then a massive fire truck from his oma and opa.

It took a while for him to be able to play with his new gifts alone...he got a lot of "help" in "opening them" from both of his uncles. 

When that was all done, we went over to the Mr's grandmother's house to meet up with the rest of my mother-in-law's family. As usual, we sang, we ate, and there was arm wrestling. 

Jelly Bean wasn't very comfortable with so many people, so I spent a lot of time in a dark kitchen trying to help her relax. I understand it was a great evening; my highlight was when my son - for the FIRST time in his ENTIRE life - came to me and said, "tired. go home now." 


American Christmas
The next day was magical! PJ slept in way longer than he usually does since we were up until almost 11pm. I was the first person awake in the entire house and I woke up to a Christmas greeting from my family that included this adorable picture.

When PJ finally woke up, the adults scrambled to get downstairs with him. My brother made an awesome video of PJ seeing the tree and the gifts for the first time but the damn thing won't load. Boooo! I'm telling ya, kids on Christmas is the best.

PJ had a blast opening up that mountain of gifts. Most of them were for Jelly Bean or himself, so he got to open up the vast majority of them, and insisted on "helping" us with our own gifts too. 

The adults got to open up coffee. Lots of coffee. 

Lots of coffee. 
Jelly Bean was cool with her brother opening up her gifts, cause she was rocking the themed outfit.

"Yup, I'm adorable."
At some point the gift opening got a little silly, but its all good:

And, honestly, we had to take a breakto read books ...
PJ in his Christmas outfit. What a handsome guy.
There were some really great books.
... and dress up as Batman to capture some bad guys.

Or to learn how to drive a remote controlled truck (damn, this kid has it way too good):

My brother, explaining how the whole remote-controlled truck thing works.

Afterwards, those with no kids crashed for a few more hours of sleep. And those with kids, either snuck in a short nap (me) or cooked a feast that included goose (the Mr).

The Mr. and his first ever goose

My brother carving said goose

The food was incredible. Dinner took a while and there were tons of leftovers. Win all around!

All in all, Christmas 2013 was a wonderful, family-filled affair. Jelly Bean gave it her highest rating:

Highest possible rating: Jelly Bean's toothless grin with sparkling eyes

Me too.


Uncle Frannie & Aunt Kiwi Visit 2013

My brother and his soon-to-be wife spent Christmas and New Years over here in Germany-land. It was the first time either had been to Germany and we did our best welcoming them in.

Thankfully they had a good, easy flight over. Jelly Bean and I met them at the airport. 

First picture!
Frankly, I can't believe how awesome these two look coming off an international flight!

Uncle Franny with his goddaughter.

As soon as we arrived in our little town, we headed over to our little Christmas market. Both got into the glühwein spirit quickly and easily. Good visitors!

The very handsome couple.
We took a ton of pictures and did a lot while they were here, so there are tons of blog entries possible. Just gotta find the time to post 'em.


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